Frequently Asked Questions

The Mangomolo Monetization module allows you to monetize your platform through Advertising, Subscription, or Pay Per View / Transactional Business Models.

Our AVOD (Advertising) Module allows you to easily integrate with any 3rd party ad serving platform such as Google DFP or similar or you can alternatively use the local ad serving solution within Mangomolo to traffic your AD Campaigns.

Our SVOD (Subscription) Module allows you to integrate your OTT Platform with any payment gateway and offer different subscription business models for users to subscribe and have access to all or select content on your platform. We also provide Carrier / Operator Billing Integration.

Our TVOD (Transactional / Pay Per View) Module allows you to define different business models based on a Pay Per View Approach where you can assign different transactional rates to different content.

You can utilize one or all of the above and maximize your earnings through your Platform, we also offer POS Sale Integration , Coupons, and Vouchers.

For an End to End OTT Platform, it would take 6-12 Weeks depending on the devices where you would want your platform to be available.

Our business model is simple, we offer the Mangomolo platform along with a list of 25 Optional Modules on a SAAS Licensing Basis.

We support all Platforms and devices making you available on all of the below:

1- Website & Mobile Site 

2- Mobile & Tablet Apps (iOS / Android)

3- Samsung Smart TV (Tizen)

4- LG Smart TV (WebOS)

5- Apple TV

6- Android TV (Including Smart TVs that run on the Android OS)

7- Amazon Firestick

8- Roku

9- Chromecast

10- Huawei

11- Hisense

and others

All Mangomolo Provided Platforms and Apps are Powered by Native Apps

We offer 24/7/365 Support with a 15 min SLA

We do not have any limitation on the number of concurrent viewers, Mangomolo`s Architecture is built on a Scale On Demand model where your platform can scale up to accomodate an increasing amount of concurrent viewers without affecting the service.

We provide several ways to upload your content, some of which are mentioned below:

1- Direct Manual Upload through the Mangomolo Dashboard or Mangomolo Desktop Uploader

2- Import from YouTube, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Aspera, S3, or any object storage repository

3- Integration with your Onprem / Offprem MAM Software / Storage Repository

4- Live to VOD Auto Record

5- DVR Ingest through our MangoClipper where you can rewind your linear feed and Mark In / Mark Out and clip any piece of content

6- Integration with an FTP / SFTP Repository 


We support a wide range of Quality Profiles going up to 4K for Both Live and Video On Demand

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